Akkad Saadi

  • President
  • Production Director | Language

He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science in the USA. Akkad lives and works as an IT Director.

Ramina Samuel

  • Vice President
  • Marketing | Language Chair

She received her Masters Degree in Counseling. Ramina works as a School Counselor in the USA. She is originally from Iraq.

Sargon Saadi

  • Treasurer | Visual Arts

Orignally from Syria, he studied cinematogra­phy and works as a cinemato­grapher in the USA.

Marganita Samuel

  • Secretary | Language

Earned a bachelors of science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Arabic in the USA. Marganita works as a Medical Technologist and is originally from Iraq.

Jessica Lahdow

  • Visual Arts

She works as Media Designer in Germany. Jessica has roots from Turkey.

Center Team

Samir Shamoun

  • Sr. Center Director | Front-end Developer | Domestic Marketing

A Communication Engineer.

Dilama Malki

  • Sr. Project Manager

A History Student.

Maria Kale

  • HR | Finance Admin

She is a Economical.

George Afram

  • Music Lead

He is an English Student.

Milad S Youssef

  • Expert Animator

He is a Civil Engineer.

Gabi Malki

  • Sr. Animator

He is a Mathematic Teacher.

Gabi Chabo

  • Sr. Animator

He received his Highschool Diploma.

Meray Youssef

  • Mid-Level Designer

She is a Bio-Tech Engineer.

Ornina Chabo

  • Mid-Level Designer

She is a Computer institute Student.

Barsoum Hanna

  • Logistical

he is a assistant computer engineer.

Gabriel Youssef

  • Artist

He is an Architecture Engineer.

Volunteer Members

Shibla Betshmuel

  • Language

Shibla earned his Bachelors of Arts in English Language and Literature in Iraq.

Yousip Toma

  • Language

Senior in the Department of Syriac, College of Education at Salahaddin University in Erbil